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How Infertility Affects Your Mental Health

0850754001569959280.jpgRight now, 6.7 million women are struggling with infertility. Though research suggests that most couples diagnosed with infertility will eventually conceive a child, the road to conception is often a long, painful, and expensive one. Moreover, there's no guarantee that you'll be among the lucky number who finally get pregnant. Infertility can exact a hefty toll on your mental health—and sometimes you only realize the toll when it's already affected your relationship and your life. Here's how infertility can sabotage your well-being.

Making Sex a Chore

A few years ago, sex was probably something that brought you closer together. When sex is timed, it can become a chore—and perhaps even painful. And for couples who opt for artificial reproductive technologies, the divorcing of sex from reproduction can stoke a serious crisis in your sexual self-esteem.

Undermining Your Relationship

Infertility can be deeply stressful to your relationship, particularly when you struggle to comfort one another or one of you is more psychologically affected than the other.

Anxiety and Depression

When the direction your life will take each month depends on a pregnancy test, it's easy to get trapped in a cycle of anxiety. Some couples find they're able to think about nothing but getting pregnant. Others become depressed as the psychological, health, and financial realities of infertility become more apparent.

Self-Esteem Issues

Let's face it: many women still learn that being a mother is the highest goal, and that women without children are somehow incomplete. Some men believe that infertility compromises their masculinity, and most couples struggle to find meaning when they can't get pregnant. Self-esteem issues among those struggling to conceive are common.

Infertility is painful. It can feel unbearable and unceasing. But I can help get you through it, so you can find happiness whether you become a parent or not. You may contact me here if you feel that your infertility issues are affecting your emotional health.  

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