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Coping With Depression

0922947001569959434.jpgDepression is a serious illness that affects a quarter of Americans at some point during their lives. It's not something you caused or deserved, and it's certainly not something you can think your way out of. But like most illnesses, the way you live your life can affect how quickly you get better. While home remedies alone won't cure depression, they can help you feel a bit better as you wait for therapy or medication to work.

Dozens of studies have documented the benefits of exercise, and some research even suggests that exercise is more effective than antidepressants! Regular exercise eases pain and helps you cope with stress, serving as a powerful tool in your arsenal against depression.


Meditation helps you cultivate mindfulness, the art of living in the moment. A mere 20 minutes spent meditating a day can make a huge difference, but if you don't have much time, even a minute or two can help you feel better.

 Controlling Negative Thoughts

Depression causes an endless stream of negative thoughts. You might feel powerless to control these ideas, but you actually have quite a bit of control. By slowing down your thought process and replacing negative thoughts with more helpful thoughts can help you stop the onslaught while steadily rebuilding your self-esteem.

 A Routine

When you're overwhelmed with negative feelings, it's tempted to drown your sorrows or spend your day in bed. But sticking to a routine—however simple it might be—can help prevent things from getting worse, and may even slowly pull you out of depression.

 If you need help managing your depression, I can show you a path out. Please don't suffer in silence. Give me a call today.

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