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5 Ways To Calm Your Anger

0954407001569959525.jpgWe've all been there: another driver cuts you off, causing you to miss the green light and leaving you simmering in rage. The coffee shop barista makes your drink wrong, and you only find out when you get to work. Or maybe your kids just won't give you a moment of piece. Anger is a natural part of life as a human, but our fast-paced existences leave many of us in a near-constant state of rage. Sick of going through life that way? Here are five easy ways to get the anger under control.
Cultivate Empathy

Empathy is anger's enemy. If you need quick relief, consider how the other party feels. Maybe that barista made a bad drink because her husband just left her, or perhaps that person in traffic cut you off in traffic on the way to her funeral of her mother. You never know what battle other people are fighting, and you might as well remind yourself of this.

Count to 10

Counting to 10 is clichéd for a reason; it works! Slow your breathing, close your eyes, and count backward from 10.

Practice Creative Visualization

A super-quick form of meditation, creative visualization requires only that you close your eyes and envision a peaceful scene. Focus on this scene until you feel your anger melt away.

Get Moving

Twenty to thirty minutes of exercise release feel-good endorphins, and can burn off even the most intense rage. If you can't cope with your anger, it may just be time to go running.

Control Your Muscles

When you're angry, you involuntarily tense up your muscles. This can lead to more anger, not to mention some intense muscle pain. To reverse course, slowly and deliberately tense every muscle in your body, beginning with your toes. Hold for 10 seconds, then untense and move onto the next muscle.

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