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3 Unexpected Signs Of Anxiety

0431351001569960056.jpgWhen you think of anxiety, I bet you picture a very specific image: someone who's extremely nervous, jittery, and who gives off all the signs of fear. Anxiety actually comes in many shapes and sizes. Because of all its varieties, people who are suffering from anxiety don't always realize what their symptoms mean. Which is why you should pay attention if you experience any of the following.

#1: Anger and Irritability
If you've ever found yourself at a party, or a big social gathering, and you're getting angry or irritable for no reason, you might be suffering from anxiety. This reaction isn't thought of as typical, especially since anxiety isn't seen as aggressive in nature, but it might be the underlying cause.

#2: Feeling of Detachment
Have you ever been at a bar, or a party, and just pulled inside yourself for a while? Then when the friend you came with shakes your shoulder, you realize that 20 minutes went by while you were disconnected? That kind of detachment can be a result of anxiety, as your brain pulls in on itself to escape the unpleasant stimuli.

#3: Numbness
One of the more unpleasant, and alarming, symptoms of anxiety is numbness. It might be in your nose, your fingertips, or your lips, but it's not uncommon for parts of the body to feel numb and unresponsive. You might not feel any other problems, which can make the numbness confusing and frightening. Always see your doctor, but if there are no physical causes, it could be psychological.

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