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Depression: An Open Letter From Me To You When You Need Encouragement Most

0674964001569960116.jpgYou have already read a half-dozen self-help articles this week, maybe even already cried a half-dozen more and lost yourself for hours in what felt like minutes. I bet you would likely give anything for a moment where it felt like the sea wasn’t choppy and the anchor could drop into steady sandbanks near a shore that was within swimming distance.
I get it. I do. It’s. So. Hard

Though you are on the other side of the screen, I believe you came here for a reason. And I would like to use this platform to tell you a few things that I hope you will revisit when the night is too long and the day is too tough. Save it. Read it. Reread it… and mark it on the doors of your heart.


I know this because no one is ever really alone. We are all connected. As you read this letter, others read it too… the exact same pain for very different reasons, joining you in an invisible link that spans who knows how far. There is help. There is hope and there is purpose beyond what you can see today.


It’s true.
As long as you are alive and breathing, there are chapters still unwritten in your life. Have you ever gotten halfway through a book that hooks you and then you keep reading only to discover this book is now your favorite? And the next time you read it, you know that the chapters that lie ahead of you are the ones that leave you in the greatest anticipation.

They are the lines that you will remember and the story that you will revisit time and time again because you know that the beautiful words are coming. They are on the horizon, real, true and sure to the very last page. What do you remember most about The Great Gatsby? I don’t often remember how terrible Daisy was at times or how sad it all was.  instead I remember that we “beat on," that we keep reaching… that no matter what… we keep reaching…
And just like that...

No matter what brought you here or why depression came into the picture… your worth is still immeasurable. You have worth and you matter. You are going to get through this with the kind of grace and strength that can only come from learning day by day to appreciate who you are, the goodness in your heart, and the dreams that are yet to come true.

As you travel this journey to feel better and unravel the knots, you’ll no doubt be left with a bit of ribbon. The remnants of this ribbon have made you who you are and the reminder of them will make you stronger some day. You cannot erase the months or years that depression has stolen or alter the story before today, but the story is changing...

And tangled with new, beautiful words to create what lies ahead… it’s going to be good here – so good.

Today is the first day of those new words. It Is never too late. Just keep on walking, keep on writing your story and keep on being good to yourself. No matter how much you feel like you don’t deserve it… you do. You deserve good things and good things are on the way.

I know it because I have seen it time and time again. I know it because you are here and your life goes on. I know it because, if I know nothing else, it is that a good story is always best after the middle and the beautiful words that you create will be the thing that makes your life a classic, an epic tale of goodness that deserves a reread every chance you get. If you ever need help remembering that, reach out. There will be a hand to reach back.

All my very best,

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