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2018 Mental Health Holiday Gift Guide


0901010001569960360.jpgI so love putting together this list every year and this year I am excited as ever! Take a look below! Previous years' lists can be found here, here, and here. 

1. Affirmations cards Do not be turned off by the cheesy unicorn on the box - this deck is legit. In fact, I am a little obsessed with these and want to buy one for everyone. It has been proven that making positive statements aloud can improve mood, relationships, and life experiences. From the creator, "Forty cards offer unique daily affirmations without the self-helpy seriousness - plus ten bonus cards to boost you on your toughest days!" Other decks are also available that are specific to work, relationships, and family.

2. Everyday Bravery Enamel Pins by artist Emily McDowellThese award badges capture the little and big moments we overcome every single day that rarely, if ever, get recognized. From ignoring haters to picking your battles, to choosing hope over fear and even kicking cancer’s ass, Emily’s pins honor pretty much every single kind of bravery. Even small actions we might not think of as brave. Whether it’s someone in your life who needs a pick me up, or it’s a gift to yourself for making it through another day, I’m pretty sure these pins will put a smile on the face of any lucky person who receives one. Including you.

3. Mindfulness/Anxiety Necklace I love when practical things are also beautiful.  With this special necklace you can wear a reminder to take mindful breaths every day. Inspired by a conversation with a flute-maker who taught them about ancient Japanese monks and their breathing techniques, Todd and Vanessa Steinberg created a pendant that encourages slow, conscious breathing. Simply exhale through the pendant (don't worry, it's not a whistle), and you'll soon find yourself in the midst of a mini meditation—your heart rate slows, toxins are said to be released, and you return to the present moment, where you belong.

4. Succulents Being around greenery has been shown to help mood, so getting somebody who's struggling a bit of greenery, particularly something low maintenance, can be a good way to boost their environment a bit.

5. Mindfulness Journal I love this thing! Love the daily gratitude prompts. With The Mindfulness Journal, you can build an anxiety-busting habit that makes you appreciate every single day.

6. Save on a bundle of 5 counseling or coaching sessions! If you are interested in working with me (or working with me again), but you do not have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO insurance, or you are a self-pay client, this is a savings of $250 for you! *Sessions will start after January 1, 2019 and will occur only on Saturdays unless you opt in for phone or Skype sessions. Email me today for information, space is limited! 

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