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  • How Infertility Affects Your Mental Health
    Right now, 6.7 million women are struggling with infertility. Though research suggests that most couples diagnosed with infertility will eventually conceive a child, the road to conception is often a Read more
  • Yoga: A Secret Ingredient In The Recipe For Good Mental Health
    If you're struggling with depression, anxiety, or the pain of chronic stress, therapy and medication can turn your life around. Many of my clients are reluctant to take medication, or Read more
  • Lifestyle Changes To Calm Your Anxious Mind
    Anxiety is the most common mental illness, with 18% of Americans struggling with anxiety disorders each year. Factor in the fact that our lives are increasingly stressful and chaotic, and you've Read more
  • Testing Their Love: Why You Do It & How To Stop
    Do you find yourself setting up "tests" for your partner in order to measure his love for you? It is not uncommon for partners to test each other. A poll conducted Read more
  • Pride Month
    The other day, my husband and I had a frank discussion with my 8-year-old stepdaughter about equal rights and National LGBT Pride Month. I may be considered an "expert", but Read more
  • 4 Activities That Alleviate Depression
    Depression is one of the most common mental health problems today. While therapy and medications can be effective in helping you feel better, these holistic approaches can also help to Read more
  • 3 Apps I Love
    Below are 3 apps that I just love for improving mental/emotional health. I have used each of these personally and recommend them regularly in my counseling practice.Simply Being Guided Meditation Read more
  • What Is Your Pigeon Pose?
    At my first yoga class I was introduced to the hip-opening pose known as "pigeon." This pose is typically uncomfortable for everyone. For some, it can be downright painful (raises Read more

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